Beryllium Copper Stamping

New Hampshire Stamping Company, Inc. is an industry leader in beryllium copper stamped parts in all sizes and shapes, for a wide variety of industries. Manufacturers choose beryllium copper because it creates a part that remains strong under repeated stress and strain. Beryllium copper is also non-magnetic, non-sparking, and has good electrical conductivity making it suitable to use for parts in the aerospace, electronics, medical and other industries. Due to its unique characteristics, beryllium copper is often used for parts in aircraft engines, electronic connectors, computer components, small springs, load cells, and many other parts.

We specialize in quick turn around precision metal stamping of heat-resistant metal alloys, ferrous/nonferrous and exotic metals including assembly for small volume and prototype orders.

Our engineers are ready to help you at any stage of the manufacturing process. With over 30 years of extensive industry experience, knowledge and engineering expertise, manufacturers turn to us for their metal stamping needs.

Beryllium Copper Stamping Capabilities

New Hampshire Stamping Company Inc. is available for any beryllium copper stamping project that requires stamping to precision tolerances

NH Stamping provides beryllium copper stamped parts to a variety of industries that include:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Appliances
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy

Beryllium Copper Capabilities:

  • Stock thickness ranges from .0015 to .185+
  • Stock width ranges from 1/4" up to 12 "
  • Stamping to precision tolerances

State of the Art, Fully-Automated Metal Stamping Presses

Our fully-automated metal stamping presses are fast, repeatable, and programmable. We are able to enhance dimensional control, standardize accuracy and reduce the final cost of your quality stamped metal parts.

assortment of metal stamped parts

Custom Dies & Repair

Custom Dies: We repair, maintain and run existing dies or design and build new ones. New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc.’s utilizes technologically advanced metal stamping systems and process controls to ensure we meet your quote, delivery, inventory and tracking needs every time.

New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc. has the engineering expertise, equipment and systems to make your unique design concept a successful operational reality. Solidify your competitive advantage and increase your profit with custom prototypes from New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc.

Please contact us today to learn why we are the strategic partner of choice for optimal metal stamping services at an outstanding value.